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The Wenping Group has a strong network in Asia, having started business first in Taipei in 1949, then in Osaka in 1952 followed by Tokyo in 1953.
The first overseas office was established in Hong Kong in 1957. A Singapore office was established in 1970. W. P. Lai & Co. was formed by Mr Toshifumi Rai (also known Wenping Lai) in 1972. With the future in mind, the Beijing office was established in 1991.

Among members of the Wenping network, we have taken our share of responsibility, always acting in cooperation with each other. Over these 50 years, the Wenping Group had developed a firm command and know-how of Intellectual Property. A global activity had been thus been positively developed over the years, for the advancement of clients' interests.

China and Taiwan have joined the" World Trade Organisation" (WTO). It is forecasted that competition will intensify in all countries of the world. We can contribute to your successful promotion of I PR with our group services based on our experiences and knowledge built up for half a century.

Our Asian network therefore has the experience, reliability and global capability to manage your rights of Intellectual Property and work with you to expand the IPR of your business globally in the new Millenium.