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W.P. LAI & COMPANY represents clients in filing and obtaining registration of their intellectual property assets such as Patents, Trade Marks and Designs in Singapore, Malaysia as well as in foreign countries.

With technical expertise and support of the Wenping Group (founded in 1949 with offices in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong,), we add value to the efforts of Singapore SMEs as they expand overseas and export their products and services to foreign markets. SMEs can venture out with the full assurance that their brands, designs and patents are also protected in these markets. After all, our firm have more than 30 years' experience serving Singapore SMEs.

We hold your hands from the moment an idea or concept is born, drafting and filing patents to protect the invention, filing designs to protect the new article and filing trademarks to protect your brand. We also manage your portfolio of Intellectual Property assets, during the life time of these intellectual property assets. So that Singapore entrepreneurs can concentrate on what they do best - building up their businesses and markets.

                                   L: Y F Chong                 R: Alex Tan

With a combined experience in IP work of over 60 years, we are able to advise clients on cost effective solutions to protecting your Intellectual Property rights in Singapore, Malaysia as well as overseas.

Our Focus
To work with clients to plan, develop, manage and protect their rights and interests in Patents, Trade Marks and Designs in Singapore and in other countries.
Our Practice covers these main areas:
Advising on protection of inventions, drafting patent specifications, searching for prior art and future proofing the inventions.    
Advise on filing strategy, filing and prosecuting patent applications in Singapore, through the PCT System and worldwide.    
Advising on creation and protection of trade marks, pre-registration searches, filing and prosecuting trade marks in Singapore, through the Madrid Protocol and worldwide.    

Advising on creation and protection of designs, filing and prosecuting design applications in Singapore and worldwide.    
Managing Portfolio of IP Rights of clients' behalf.    
Associated Foreign Colleagues
The Wen ping Group have about 350 associated foreign I P colleagues in 108 foreign countries which which we have a close business relationship in the filing of applications for patents, trade marks and designs. 
Clients of the Wenping Group
Japanese Clients: About 940 Companies
Electrical, Machinery & Steel Industries
Spinning & Textile Industries
Chemical Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Cosmetics & Soap Industries
Food Industries


Overseas Clients: About 268 agents
Key companies in 108 countries including U.K., U.S.A, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries